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GreenOffice meetup

DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA about sustainability and do you want to help make Avans and society as a whole more sustainable? Come to the GreenOffice meetup and get to know like-minded people. These low-key evenings are all about having a meal together and coming up with plans on how to make a sustainable impact.

Inviting people from a range of different disciplines to explore the same problem often leads to surprising solutions. For example, one student might look at waste as an export product, while for others it could be input for an art project or a means of fostering collaboration. Inspired by the idea that two heads are better than one, GreenOffice is opening its doors for a monthly meet-up starting this academic year. 

GreenOffice meetups
Each meeting will centre on a different theme. We plan to kick off with a series of brief presentations on current projects. After sharing a meal, it’s time to get talking. All participants are invited to provide input and feedback on activities: input that can help take each project to the next level with a view to making a real impact. Hopefully, the GreenOffice meetups will give you a better idea of how you can make your own contribution. That could be right here at Avans, but also in the wider world. No need to worry that you will be expected to step up and save the planet single-handed; this approach is all about taking small but meaningful steps.

The GreenOffice meetups will help you gain inspiration for sustainable living, both professionally and personally. Sustainability affects us all, which is why these meetings are aimed at students from all backgrounds. You can count on spending an enjoyable evening with a bunch of enthusiastic people. You are sure to go home a good deal wiser, having had the opportunity to share your ideas and maybe even take action.

GreenOffice brings together and supports students who want to make a genuine and practical contribution to improving sustainability. The Tradeshop, the graduation tree project and the Zero Waste Month are just three examples of GreenOffice initiatives. Would you like further details about GreenOffice activities? Perhaps you are interested in joining an existing project or want to suggest an activity of your own? If so, the GreenOffice meetup is definitely for you.

Check the dates for the upcoming GreenOffice meetups via 'Details'. The meetups take place in Garage van Otten in Breda (opposite to the Hogeschoollaan). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via

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