What is Putin up to?

The future of the war in Ukraine

What does Putin actually want from Ukraine? Are we safe in the Netherlands? And why don't we just send our army to Ukraine? Recognizable questions? Join the Ukraine lecture on April 25. Then Frans Osinga, professor of Military Operational Sciences at the NLDA in Breda, will explain exactly what Putin is up to.

On February 24, Putin invaded Ukraine. In the past few weeks you have been able to read a lot about the struggle between the Russians and the Ukrainians. Yet it is not inconceivable that you still have many questions about this conflict. For example, what exactly does Putin want to achieve? Why is NATO not intervening? And how safe are we actually in the Netherlands?

On April 25, Frans Osinga, professor of Military Operational Sciences at the NLDA in Breda, will come to Avans Breda to answer these and other questions. In addition to being a professor, Osinga is an officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. He was a fighter pilot for NATO for 8 years and worked at the strategic headquarters in America. In the past period you might have seen him regularly as an expert on various talk shows.
Osinga is a passionate speaker. In this lecture he will focus first on the news and the media. What do we actually know about the war and how reliable is that information? He then zooms in on history. How did Putin become the man he is? Which treaties have been violated and why did they exist? Osinga then discusses the military dilemmas and looks ahead. What mistakes have we made and what does that mean for the future?
Frans Osinga keeps his story pure. He does not judge, nor does he comment on human suffering. This lecture is intended to inform you so that you can understand why things are going the way they are. You can form your own opinion based on that. You benefit from this in your professional life, but also in a discussion in the pub.

The lecture lasts about an hour, after which it is time for a Q&A. 2 exchange students - from Russia and from Ukraine - will join us. In the half hour that follows, you have the opportunity to ask both them and Frans Osinga questions about the situation in Ukraine. Do you want to know what it's like to be Russian at the moment? Or are you curious about how the Ukrainian student experiences this time? This is your chance to ask.

The Ukraine lecture will take place in Breda (room HD001abc, Hogeschoollaan 1) on 25 April from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. There is room for 150 people, so sign up quickly. Dinner included.
The main language is English. Afterwards you will receive a powerpoint so that you can study everything again.

Are you an Avans employee and do you want to participate the lecture? Please send an e-mail to el.janssen@avans.nl to confirm your presence.

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25-04-2022 18:00 - 19:30
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